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A Message from the President

History – Purpose and Mission - Future


After working in the healthcare industry for over 35 years, I started my family-owned Heroes for Home Care home health care agency in July, 2019.

My love for home healthcare initially grew out of my experience taking loving care of my mother in her home as well as providing in home care for my mother-in-law, as well. Expanding my knowledge and expertise in this profession, I still personally provide services to six of my own home care clients. This helps me to keep grounded and understand the sometimes complicated dynamics of home health care. This knowledge and experience simply has absolutely solidified my love for taking care of people!

Purpose and Mission

At Heroes For Home Care our purpose is to deliver the highest quality of long term in home services. These expanded services are designed to not only meet the sensitive needs that our clients request and require, but to exceed them. Our services are specifically designed to sustain a quality life for our clients in their comforts of their own homes. This commitment to excellence helps our team to embrace a deeper sense of meaning in our work. Our ultimate mission then is to enrich the lives of our clients and employees to lift up and encourage each and every one of them to achieve a higher quality of life. Our calling is to treat them all with love and respect. Give them the dignity they deserve. And, bring a genuine caring heart into all we say and do. Because We Care.


Our future in this endeavor at Heroes for Home Care is extremely bright. As our aging population and others who need our type of care keeps growing our goal is to expand to meet that growth. As the industry and programs expand we will be there to expand along with it.

One of our most innovative programs within our company surrounds the care and welfare, training, and education of our hard working caregivers. We will spend a great deal of focus and energy on the company’s care givers in helping to them build up their own personal lives through continuing education and training along with giving them an opportunity to have their own personal life coach. This unique management approach which will result in care givers feeling pride and ownership in their work which in turn providing the best and most consistent care possible to their clients. Heroes for Home Care will continue to build and champion a care giver workforce that prides itself surrounded in a creative internal and external best care environment. This amazing Because We Care environment helps each care giver to grow in an empowering atmosphere in many fun, fulfilling, and creative ways.

The Heroes for Home Care business model along with improving the lives of clients and caregivers will create a delivery model unsurpassed in providing services in a powerful way. Our eRSP System (client and caregiver management system) will continue to reduce fraud, manage the cost of our services and increase the transparency of the critically important and ongoing vendor/family relationships.

We do this all past, present, and future – Because We Care

Jeff Schulz

Owner and President

Susan Wynne Lunning, BSN, RN, CBIST​

Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer/Life Mastery Coach

   Susan Wynne Lunning of West Des Moines, Iowa, is a registered nurse and business owner. She is recognized by the International Nurses Association as a Worldwide Leader in Healthcare and a Top Registered Nurse in the state of Iowa. 


   Patient-focused and empathetic, she is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist and Trainer who has a long working knowledge in helping many brain injury patients. Susan’s expertise includes health education and training, wellness assessments, and transformational coaching. She also utilizes her Reiki practice techniques based on the principles of channeling energy by means of touch to activate the natural healing processes and restore physical and emotional well-being.

   A very successful Life Mastery Consultant, Susan is the owner of The Whole Health Way, a life mastery system designed to train and empower people of all backgrounds to live an amazing and full life they absolutely love living.

Brenda Rose, RN

Care Coordinator

  Brenda Rose, RN is proud to have journeyed through more than 45 yrs of nursing practice. Beginning as a young LPN from Tech High School in Des Moines, and then later becoming an RN in 2006. As an RN, she has enjoyed many years working primarily in Elder Care. With combined experience in Home Health, Skilled, Dementia care, Long Term Care, and as an Assisted Living Director of Nursing.

As an experienced Nurse Care Coordinator with her own company Life Journeys, Brenda’s journey has led her to touch more lives of families and individuals who are not only aging, but may have also experienced family trauma, PTSD, or brain injury. As a Care Coordinator with Heroes for Home Care, Brenda meets each person where they are on their journey, listens and hears their stories, and learns about what is most important to them. Then brings together a realistic plan and a larger network of support.

Brenda knows our healthcare system is often challenging, confusing, and overwhelming. She also knows empathetic care coordination within the system is simply put – life changing.

Amanda Campbell

Client Intake Manager

As the Client Intake Manager for Heroes For Home Care, Amanda Campbell is very excited to be working in an office environment again after many years of being a stay at home mother to her three growing boys. Amanda has previously worked in an office setting where she was able to wonderfully serve the company, co-workers, and the company’s various clients and customers. Amanda is enthused to continue her hard work and dedication with HFHC and looks forward to meeting with you and your family about your home healthcare needs.

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Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer/Life Mastery Coach

Care Coordinator

Clients within Assisted Living and Independent Living Facilities – independently contracted care services for clients who currently reside within assisted, independent, and nursing home facilities.
Private Pay – clients are able to pay for services without government assistance.
Medicaid Waiver clients through Iowa Total Care and Amerigroup – clients who qualify for Medicaid waivers in receiving special assistance with their unique experiences.
Exercise/Nutrition – guided customized and fun activity for movement. Meal planning and shopping assistance with nourishing meals for sustainable health & well-being.
Respite – scheduled client and family member relief from compassion fatigue.
Brain Injury – specialized supportive professional and creative therapy for best cognitive results and feelings of independence and self-reliance. (For more details please contact Susan Lunning BSN, RN, CBIST)
Nurse Assessments – timely professional nursing evaluations and assessments.
Personal/Supportive/Companion Services – helping clients with hygiene and light housekeeping while encouraging them in their daily activities and planning which may include:
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Vacuuming and sweeping floors
  • Cleaning bathroom
  • Grocery shopping and errands
  • Meal preparation
  • Cleaning out refrigerator
  • Tidy kitchen
  • Taking out trash
  • Assistance with showering and bathing
  • Incontinence issues
  • Pivot transfers in/out of bed
  • Hoyer lift transfers
  • Toileting